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Aerial photography, this is where the Hughes 500 comes into its' own, the flight is so smooth that it almost entirely negates gyro stabilisation for both moving and still pictures. We have at our disposal still cameras with 50m pixels, if you want detail?


While this has started to become the preserve of the drone there is actually nothing like using the real thing to see the bigger picture and for a longer time span in a helicopter.

We can carry anything from your stabilised cameras to an observer to check any infrastrcture.

You will be surprised at just what can be seen and what we have done from the air.

Yes, we have surveyed crop circles, counted sheep and surveyed bare peat on high moors in the Peak District.

AH Helicopters work closely with CAA approved Sky Pictures Limited, who specialise in professional aerial photography utilising both helicopters and drones to capture that perfect moment. 

Sky Pictures Limited offer:

  • A team of qualified pilots

  • Over 35 years of experience

  • The use of Ultra High Resolution still image capture up to 50 + mega pixel

  • HD & 4K Video capture using image stabilisation

  • Choice of capture platforms – Helicopters and Drones

  • Professional project management with quick turnaround.

  • Free no obligation consultancy from a team of dedicated professionals

For more information please visit

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