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Wish to hire a time machine? Then look no further you have found one.

Our Hughes 500's happily cruise at 150 mph in a straight line. With a non stop range of over 350 miles you could be in Manchester from Exeter in less than an hour and a half avoiding the dreaded M6!

Where the helicopter really comes into its' own is getting you quickly and efficiently to those really inaccessable places. We regularly take our many clients to all sorts of locations this can be as far as a bleak grouse moor in North Yorkshire to taking the groom to his wedding on a Dartmoor Tor.

Helicopter at a wedding

Please do not hestitate to ask for advice on how we can make one of our machines work for you...

G-BIOA self fly hire

Want to arrive in style at your wedding? Or make sure the bride arrives on time, book a helicopter and get your day off to a fantastic start. We will make sure you have a day to remember. Contact us for a few ideas, we have landed at hotels, churches, on beaches, Dartmoor Tors, challenge us to make your day.

Helicopter taking off from beach
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