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Conservation and helicopters may seem strange bed fellows but when used properly they can be both environmentally sensitive and a vital tool. Travelling by air rather than across ground reduces erosion and soil compaction while protecting vulnerable vegetation. 

As Moors for the Future have found in the Peak District there is no better, faster, more economical way of getting product to the top of the moor counteracting the effects of 200 years of industrial pollution than the helicopter.

We have over the past 4 years transported over 25,000 bags of brash to combat erosion on the high moors, between Manchester and Sheffield.

It has been both a privilage and mighty rewarding work to be involved in perhaps the biggest European environmental project yet undertaken and within this time to actually see the difference we have helped to start.

Helicopter and conservation loadlifting

So when thinking about conservation don't write the helicopter off, it can be a partner in helping to reverse man's damage to our natural world.

Lets us help you with your project, you will be delighted that the helicopter can in fact be a green machine.

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