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We have choosen the Hughes / Schweizer 300 as our principle training helicopter. It has proven itself as a very capable machine in all aspects of training whether doing engine off landings to the ground or advanced flying techniques. The US Army put 20 million hours on their fleet, combine this with our chief instructor who has over 4000 hours teaching on this type, you will learn in a safe and efficient manner. 

Lessons start at:

£420 + VAT for 60 minutes

Training helicopter
Training helicopter

To gain your PPL(H) you will require to fly a minimum of 45 hours (10 of which are solo), however we generally find that you will need to budget for around 60 hours. Currently the average time to pass with us is around 55 hours. For a more detailed explanation on how to achieve your PPL in the most cost effective way please contact us.

 There are no pre-requirements to start your training, although to complete the solo flights you must be over 16 years old, possess a valid CAA Medical Examiner issued medical certificate and be proficient in carrying out emergency drills. 

Along with the practical flying exams you must gain over 75% in the multiple choice exams on; 

Air Law 

Operational Procedures



Human Performance


Flight performance and Planning

Aircraft General 

Principles of Flight

Once you have gained your PPL(H) you are ready to fly other aircraft, such as the Hughes 500, upon completing the required type rating (conversion requires minimum of five hours).


Prices start at:

£700 for 60 minutes

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