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This is where we come into our own with the speed and accuracy of the Hughes 500. We are one of the few companies that use vertical reference for picking up and putting down the load. This basically means we fly with no door on (even in the winter!) this allows the pilot to actually see where they are putting the load rather than using mirrors or radio directions from the ground. Think backing a car by looking over your shoulder rather than using mirrors. This technique increases productivity dramatically and therefore reduces your costs.

G-BIOA loadlifting at Glastonbury Tor

We have become one of the operators of choice for the Peak District National Park, where we have moved over 50,000 bags of heather and gorse brash to the top of the high moors, protecting the vulnerable peat. 

We were priviliged to start the latest 15 million Euro 2020 Moorlife project for The National Trust by placing over 250 gully blocking dams.

You will be surprised at how cost effective using a helicopter actually is, feel free to contact us and we will get the load where you want it.

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