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We are constantly on call to The Dartmoor National Park to help control Moorland fires.

Not only can we deliever members of the Fire service directly to the fire saving hours of walking but we can deliver their equipment as well.

Whether supplying water in 25 litre drums to the hose equipped quad bike's to dropping 450 litres at a time from the helicopter's bambi bucket, we can help put out fires in the places where others can't reach and before they get out of control.

If in need of our services just pick up the phone to one of our 24 hour numbers.

We have recently been heavily involved in the terrible fire that spread right across Saddleworth Moor in the Peak District National Park.

As one of only a few helicopter companies that are able to carry a load of water on a long line, we are always on call. 

G-BIOA firefighting helicopter

Recently we helped Devon and Somerset Fire Rescue Service to fight a fire set off by a disposable BBQ in a forest near Kingswear. We worked for three hours alongside the firefighters to bring the blaze under control. In total we dropped 40,000 litres, dropping our bambi bucket every 2 minutes.  

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